Why You Should Buy Local Meat

Feb 1, 2022 | Food

As the buy-local trend becomes more popular, local meat is having its heyday too. 

If we did a quick straw poll on what local meat is, it’s likely the responses would centre around buying local to where we live – whether that’s from farms or independent butchers. Simply calling it local then, is doing a disservice to artisan meat producers everywhere! 

What Is Local Meat?

Reducing the food miles between farm and fork is a wonderful thing for the environment; fewer miles, less pollution all around. 

Other than the obvious environmental benefits, most of us associate local meat and produce with being better for us somehow, but what is it that separates local from grocery chain meat?

The Benefits of Local Meat 

Taking The Mass Out Of Production

Local meat tends to be produced on a smaller scale than the mass-produced meat you’ll find in the grocery store and this means a superior product both in terms of health and taste.

Reduced Preservatives

Little to no preservatives are required in raising local meat given it’s travelling a shorter distance to the consumer.

Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Animals are fed natural and grass-fed diets, free of the antibiotics and hormones that come into play when meat needs to be produced more intensively in an indoor environment.

Better Treatment of Animals 

Local farms genuinely care for the animal’s well-being because they realize that it results in a product of much better nutritional quality. Their herds and flocks are usually free to roam in open fields as nature intended and are raised for longer before processing. 

Hand Processing 

Small scale processing facilities such as those used by Maunders’ meat producers often employ hand processing and finishing techniques over industrial methods. These more manual processes are far safer and less prone to foodborne bugs and contamination.

The Proof Is In The Palate 

Foodies swear by sustainable local meat for its quality and taste. When animals are free from additives and are pasture-raised, the discerning meat-eater gets a healthier, more flavorful cut. 

Across-the-board price increases in meat costs have resulted in the highest prices in grocery stores in forty years. Therefore, the difference between buying local and buying bulk is reduced and the advantages in better quality and customer support make buying local meat from your local butcher more appealing than ever. 

The passionate home cooks among us don’t have to be sold on the benefits, they know that buying local meat gets the best your money will buy. Fresher ingredients result in the best tasting meals that delight your dinner party guests or make your monthly date night that bit more special. 

Taste The Maunders Marketplace Difference

When you buy local meat, you’re not only feeding your family a healthier alternative to grocery store meat and reducing your footprint, you’re keeping money in the local economy and supporting other Canadian families at the same time. 

Maunders by Wellington Marketplace is proud of the selection of premium local meat products that we have sourced.  

Did we also mention the exceptional customer support provided by our butchers? Nick and his team provide our customers with recommendations and custom cuts to ensure that perfect meal and maximum enjoyment.  

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