Why Prepared Meals Are A Great Gift For Friends & Family

Jun 16, 2022 | Food

Special Chef-inspired prepared dishes are a great way to excite anyone’s appetite. 

And at Maunders, we always have ready-to-heat food ready for people on the go. 

However, prepared foods aren’t just great for night-of dinners… they’re also great gifts for anyone going through change or a difficult time. The selection in our prepared food counter, as well as in our freezer (15% off), will give you a wide range of choices. We also have a large selection of freshly made salads as well as oven-ready BBQ ribs and wings, Grilled Chicken and Pulled Pork available from our Salad Counter.

Below are some examples of who may benefit from a Maunders meal gifted by you!

New Parents 

There’s no denying that new parents are in for a whole lot of change. With disrupted sleep, crying babies, and a lot of emotions, having some go-to meals can help to make the adjustment a little easier. 

So, whether your best friend just gave birth, or your son and daughter-in-law are expecting, why not drop off some delicious, fresh, dinner options?

What We Suggest: Chicken Pie (large and small), Lobster Mac & Cheese, Quiches, Pizzas, Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Fingers and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Death In The Family 

Grief is complex. For many, one of the first things to go following a death in the family is their appetite. However, when we don’t eat, we lose energy and fuel to keep our bodies healthy and able to face whatever may come. 

If you know someone who may be going through a hard time after the loss of a loved one, consider picking up some easy meals to drop off at their house. Your kind gesture may be just what they need to refuel and begin to heal. 

What We Suggest: Meat Lasagna, Mac & Cheese, Chicken Pie (large and small), Soup (our selection regularly includes Chicken & Rice, Tomato Basil, Forest Mushroom)

Front Line Workers 

It’s no secret that front-line workers have been through a lot over the past few years. If you know a hardworking front-line worker who deserves a break and some recognition, there’s no better way to say “thank you” than through a warm meal. 

What We Suggest: Grilled Chicken and Rice, Greek Salad, Mac & Cheese, Meat Lasagna, Pizzas, Potato Salad and BBQ Ribs & Wings

New Homeowners 

In most cases, new homeowners are more focused on the actual moving than stocking their fridges. This makes for a lot of pizza and take-out during those first few move-in weeks. 

If you know some new homeowners who are ready for a pizza break, drop off some healthy options they’ll simply need to reheat and eat!

What We Suggest: Grilled Chicken and Rice, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Greek Salad, Whole Roasted Chicken and Pasta Caesar Salad

Surgery Recovery 

Mobility can be tough after surgery. Patients may also lack the energy needed to make their own meals. 

At Maunders Marketplace, our prepared food reflects the quality of our raw ingredients which are all sourced in our Aurora store. That means those recovering from surgery or any illnesses can trust their eating high-quality, from-scratch kitchen food. 

What We Suggest: Grilled Chicken and Rice, Quiches, Shepherd’s Pie, Soups (fresh and/or frozen)

Hardworking Parents 

Do you know hardworking parents who are always on the go? Help to ease their stress about what to eat between soccer and ballet practice by gifting them some yummy meals they can prepare with ease. 

What We Suggest: Caesar Salad, Shepherd’s Pie, Mac & Cheese, Pizzas, Chicken Fingers and Pasta Salad

Seniors & Grandparents

You may not get over to your parent’s or grandparents’ house as much as you would like these days. However, by dropping off some meals for them to enjoy, they’ll know how much you care. 

What We Suggest: Grilled Chicken and Rice, Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Pie (large and small), Quiches, Soup

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