Enjoy The Social Coffee Experience At Maunders Marketplace

Oct 18, 2022 | Food

“Coffee isn’t simply a drink, but a perfect realization of the Social Contract: To ensure all human resources reach maximum productivity through correct and delicious coffee consumption.” 

These are the wise words of our incredible partners at Social Coffee, a Richmond Hill, Ontario roastery. 

Social Coffee is dedicated to bringing the highest quality fresh-roasted coffees to stores like Maunders Marketplace and people like you. 

Deeply aligned with our values, we are honoured to feature Social Coffee in our store, and to have sat down with Sendy Phanthavong for this article. 

Social Coffee’s Origin Story 

Sendy and Steve started learning about coffee as a hobby. Neither had a coffee background, but they had always been coffee lovers. 

Originally considering building a physical cafe location, the two soon decided to focus on quality roasting and developing partnerships with wholesale accounts. 

Initially, Social Coffee’s main focus was the specialty industry; people who already knew about coffee and who were looking for freshly roasted coffee. To get their name out there, they immersed their business with the coffee community and supported coffee barista competitions so people would be able to taste the product. 

From there, the business took off and developed a following. Within the first few years, Social Coffee developed relationships with wholesale accounts and local coffee providers like us at Maunders – and we have carried their products ever since.

The Art of Roasting Coffee

Social Coffee works with suppliers in Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, and beyond. Each vendor relationship begins with the suppliers sending different samples for the Social Coffee team to taste test. 

“We go through a process of roasting them at a standard level so that we can cup (taste) them with no biases. Once we’ve cupped the bean, we decide on which ones we want to carry. And then at that time, once the actual green bean comes in, we profile it on our largest scale.” – Sendy Phanthavong

It’s then that the Social Coffee team decides which beans to bring into coffee. 

“Whether it’s the floral notes, the caravan notes, we want to roast it so that it displays the attribute of where it’s grown, and how the farmer has grown it based on the country.” – Sendy Phanthavong

Sendy shared that their most popular options for roasted coffee today are their signature blends, such as People’s Daily and the French Roast.

“[Signature blends] are a good introduction to our coffee. It exposes customers to our roasting style and level (dark, medium,light),  and they are more balanced.” – Sendy Phanthavong

While there are certain regions that Social Coffee continue to carry all year round, the farms they source from can vary depending on the growing season. Some regions have become Direct Trade Partners. 

What Is Single Origin Coffee?

Single origin coffee refers to coffee that is from one region, one farm. These lots are often microlots that can produce around 50 to 100 bags a growing season. 

While smaller lots mean a slower and smaller turnaround of product, the relationship between roaster and grower is stronger, more transparent, and more ethical. 

“We have several direct relationships right now.  Two of the main regions are Brazil and Costa Rica. For the past 4 years we have worked with Alejo Castro from Volcan Azul farm in Costa Rica..” – Sendy Phanthavong

Find Social Coffee At Maunders Marketplace In Aurora 

Social Coffee encourages everyone to try multiple different blends and to brew their own as they get to know what they like best. 

“People always ask me: what is the best coffee? But what I consider my best coffee may not be your best coffee when it comes to taste. So, even when I’m introducing people to single origin, I let them know this will be unlike what you might be used to. Everyone has their own palate. But, you won’t know which region of coffee you like best until you give it a chance.” – Sendy Phanthavong

You can get their amazing signature blends at our store today!