Catering For The Holidays During Covid-19

Dec 7, 2020 | Catering

As we face the holidays amidst a pandemic, parties have changed, and therefore, so have we.

So, as our customers have begun to shorten their party guest lists, and re-imagine the magic of the holidays, we want you to know that at least one thing can remain the same: Maunders Marketplace specialty food items are still available for catering orders.


COVID-19 Friendly Catering For Small Groups

For smaller, more intimate parties, our team at Maunders Marketplace has created covid-19 friendly catering menu items that can be ordered over the phone—for two to five people.

While we’re taking every precaution within our store, we’re also looking for ways to create dishes that promote less food sharing and hand-touching in your home.

For example, we’re able to create appetizers that can be picked up with toothpicks, or create veggie and dip combinations in individual shot glasses.

While we normally would collect our trays and serving items following your event, this year we will include the charcuterie boards and glasses in your cost—so nothing needs to be returned.


COVID-19 Friendly Pick Up For Holiday Foods

To protect our customers and our staff, we’ve changed the way we offer grocery shopping for our guests. Should you wish to do your food shopping from home, simply give us a call, let us know what you need, and we’ll prepare your order.

With a mask, you may then swiftly enter Maunders Marketplace to pick up your items, or use our contactless curbside pickup option. Please enquire about at-home delivery.


Gift Baskets Make The Perfect Gift During COVID-19

Need the perfect gift for those you can’t spend the holidays with this year? Whether it’s a friend, a loved one, a boss, or a co-worker, if you give us a budget, we’ll create a beautiful, memorable gift.

If you have a theme in mind (wine and pasta? movie night? carnivore?), or don’t know where to start, give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

From cheeses and meats, to napkins and bowls, we have an incredible inventory of holiday treats to source from.

We’re also conscious of limiting waste, so we always look for ways to use parts of your gift as the holder of other gifts. For example, we might use a wooden bowl to hold tea towels and organic honey, or a vintage style mixing bowl filled with ‘Christmas Breakfast’ ingredients.



Contact Maunders Marketplace for Catering Today!

By ordering your holiday appetizers and meals, you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time focused on what truly matters this year—your loved ones and wellbeing.

Thank you for your continued support, and happy holidays!